Application for an extension of time in connection with the Representative Examinations


For information on online exams for medical representatives please go the ABPI website.

In relation to extensions to the time period to take and pass an examination, please check the following link first which gives further guidance about extensions. As stated in this guidance there will be some people who will still need an extension and if so please apply on the form below.

It is preferable for the application to be made by the company rather than the representative

Please note that your contact details will be treated according to our Privacy Policy.

Details of all employments as a representative in the pharmaceutical industry, giving for each such employment the start date and the termination date where no longer continuing.
The supplementary information refers to ‘extenuating circumstances, such as prolonged illness or no or inadequate opportunity to take the examination’. Give full details, including dates where appropriate, of the ‘extenuating circumstances’ which the Director of the Authority is asked to consider. It is helpful to provide supporting information where possible.
What period of extension is considered appropriate or necessary in the circumstances?
Name, Job Title, Company, Address, Telephone number, Email address