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You can use the complaint form below, email, write to us or call the PMCPA for informal advice on 0207 747 8880. 

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Providing an email address is not mandatory, however, if you decide not to provide an email address, we will have no way of contacting you and therefore we would be unable to ask you for further information if needed. If the Panel rules no breach of the Code, the case would be closed and there would be no means of appeal from yourself. You would be unable to comment on the proposed text of the case report.

If you do provide an email address, you will receive details of the Code of Practice Panel’s ruling to that email address. If the Panel ruled a breach of the Code and the Company appealed that ruling then, if you so wished, you could comment on the appeal and/or appear or be represented when the appeal is heard. If the Panel ruled no breach, you would be able to appeal that ruling and could also appear or be represented when the appeal is heard. You would receive the proposed text of the case report before it is published on our website.

We will only use the email address you provide in relation to your complaint.

If you do provide an email address, please ensure that it is an email address that you monitor regularly. Private and Confidential information will be sent to that email address

If you are a pharmaceutical company making a complaint about another pharmaceutical company please ensure that you have tried to resolve the issue with that company (through inter-company dialogue) before making a complaint.

Other complainants are encouraged to consider contacting the respondent pharmaceutical company to see whether your concerns can be resolved directly before making a complaint to the PMCPA.

Please add individual attachments to each 'Choose File' grey box. If you have more than 5 files to add or the overall size is greater than 20MB then you can submit them by email to

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