Appeal Papers

When preparing an appeal against a decision of the Code of Practice Panel, or responding to an appeal, care should be taken as to the nature and quantity of material to be submitted as evidence.

Brevity may not always be possible when complex matters are appealed but a clear and concise exposition of the facts should be aimed at. Repetition of the same point should be avoided. All points should be covered in the main text without the use of footnotes. Each party should address the matters at issue in the same order as the Panel dealt with them.

When a published paper etc is referred to, it must be provided and it assists the Appeal Board if an indication is given as to what members are expected to glean from it and whereabouts in it they should look.

There have been a number of appeals where unnecessary documents were provided, mainly references to which the party concerned did not refer at all in its letter. There is little or no merit in merely submitting a large number of published papers without any commentary on them.

Please also see Appeal Procedures.

Companies should follow the Guidance on appeal proc​edures