Guidance and Q&As


Guidance is provided for areas of the Code which are most commonly asked about or have been the subject of several complaints.  The Q&As address the most frequently asked questions to the PMCPA and some areas previously presented as Guidance, links provided are to the clauses in the 2019 Code. This section is updated from time to time.  The PMCPA cannot approve any materials or activities but can offer informal advice. Archived Guidance can be found in Publications.

Individual requests for information and guidance are treated in confidence and the PMCPA is happy to work with pharmaceutical companies and others to provide informal guidance about the Code.  

The ABPI Code includes Guidelines on Company Procedures Relating to the Code of Practice which are regarded as representing good practice in relation to company Standard Operating Procedures.

The PMCPA welcomes suggestions and queries from pharmaceutical companies about their concerns, as well as comments on the Code and its operation.  

If you have a question or require informal advice on a topic that is not covered in the Q&As or in the Guidance, call the PMCPA on 020 7747 8880 and press ‘1’ for advice on the Code.

Frequently Asked Questions about the ABPI Code of Practice and the PMCPA can be found under 'About Us''.