Clause 23



Donations and grants are funds, benefits-in-kind or services freely given for the purpose of supporting healthcare, scientific research or education, with no consequent obligation on the recipient organisation, institution and the like to provide goods or services to the benefit of the pharmaceutical company in return. Donations and grants to individuals are prohibited.

In general, donations are physical items, services or benefits-in-kind which may be offered or requested. Grants are the provision of funds.

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(19.1 and 19.2) Donations and grants to healthcare organisations, patient organisations or other organisations are only allowed if they:

• are made for the purpose of supporting healthcare, scientific research or education

• do not constitute an inducement to recommend and/or prescribe, purchase, supply, sell or administer specific medicines

• are prospective in nature

• do not bear the name of any medicine – although they may bear the name of the company providing them.

In addition:

• there must be a written agreement in place for each donation or grant. The arrangements for the written agreement for donations and grants to patient organisations are set out in Clause 27.2 and for other organisations in the supplementary information to Clause 23.2

• the written agreement, and where relevant, internal company and service provider instructions must be certified in advance as set out in Clause 8.3

• all information relating to the donation or grant should be kept on record by the company

• donations and grants must be publicly disclosed annually as set out in Clauses 28 and 29.

Company involvement should be made clear for donations and grants to the extent possible.