When searching for cases please use the most appropriate filter as each return different results:

Extended search finds words/terms that are included in whole or in part and similar words/terms.

Exact search finds words/terms that must appear 'as written' in the case report

Search terms appear in bold in the summary of each item found

Filter results by: 'Year Received' or applicable 'Code Year'.

Order results by 'Completed Date', 'Received date' or 'Relevance' 

When cases are considered under the Code they will first appear on this site as an ongoing case.  Limited information is provided which includes a brief summary and the status of the case, at its conclusion a case report is published summarising the details of the case.  These appear as a completed case on this site.

Transparency of cases is vital.  Case reports are published on this website for all cases considered under the Code, whether they are found to have breached the Code or not.

In some cases a company may be required to issue a corrective statement or may be the subject of a public reprimand or advertisements in the medical and pharmaceutical press, see sanctions here