2 Code of Practice Panel


2.1 The Panel consists of the members of the Authority and meets as business requires to consider complaints made under the Code.

The member of the Authority who acted as case preparation manager for a particular case must not participate when the Panel considers it or be present when it does so.

The parties have no right to appear or be represented before the Panel.

Two members of the Authority form a quorum for a meeting of the Panel. Decisions are made by majority voting. The Director or, in his/her absence, the Deputy Director or, in his/her absence, one of the Managers, acts as Chair of the Panel and has both an original and a casting vote. 

If necessary the Director or in his/her absence the Deputy Director, may co-opt an appropriate person to be a member of the Panel. The Director should seek the agreement of the Chair of the Appeal Board prior to any co-option. The list of persons approved for co-option is drawn up following procedures similar to those in place for appointing the Authority.

Rulings are made on the basis that a complainant has the burden of proving their complaint on the balance of probabilities.

2.3 The Director may obtain expert assistance in any field. Expert advisors who are consulted may be invited to attend a meeting of the Panel but have no voting rights.