If a health professional works for a patient organisation (eg is a trustee/chairperson) and provides some work specifically in relation to their representation of the PO would the disclosure be against the PO? Should the monies be paid to the PO?

  • (24.1) Lawful Disclosure

    Companies must ensure that they have appropriate arrangements in place to lawfully disclose information about transfers of value and that recipients are aware of the process for disclosure.

  • (24.1) Transfers of Value

    Disclosure is required even if the payments etc are made by overseas affiliates, head offices in the UK or overseas and UK-based offices.

  • Clause 29.1 (27.7) Further Information

    An indication of the patient organisation’s total income and/or the company’s support as a percentage of the patient organisation’s total income may be given. Companies are encouraged to be prepared to make available up-to-date information about such activities at any time in response to enquiries.

    A template to disclose the information required in relation to patient organisations is available from the Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA) website www.pmcpa.org.uk. The use of this template is optional.

Clause 1.16 defines an individual who represents a patient organisation as a person who is mandated to represent and express the views of a patient organisation. Clause 27.5 states where companies contract with individuals representing patient organisations to provide services, such contracts should be made with the patient organisation and payment should be disclosed as a payment to the patient organisation. Such payments must be publicly disclosed annually as required by Clause 29.