How should the value of digital items, for example Apps, provided to patients as part of a patient support programme be worked out? What are the other considerations?

  • 18.2

    18.2 Health professionals may be provided with items which are to be passed on to patients and which are part of a formal patient support programme, the details of which have been appropriately documented and certified in advance as required by Clause 14.3.

    The items provided must be inexpensive and directly benefit patient care. They may bear the name of the company providing them. They must not be given out from exhibition stands. They must not be given to administrative staff unless they are to be passed on to a health professional.

This is a difficult area in which there have been no cases. It is more challenging to put a value on information than physical items. Factors to consider include: Is the App available for purchase? Does the App provide personalised output? Companies will need to certify materials for patients/public, documenting the rationale for the provision of information and/or items is often useful in justifying the approach taken.