Can appointment cards be provided as part of a patient support programme?

  • 18.2

    18.2 Health professionals may be provided with items which are to be passed on to patients and which are part of a formal patient support programme, the details of which have been appropriately documented and certified in advance as required by Clause 14.3.

    The items provided must be inexpensive and directly benefit patient care. They may bear the name of the company providing them. They must not be given out from exhibition stands. They must not be given to administrative staff unless they are to be passed on to a health professional.

Pharmaceutical companies cannot provide appointment cards or other general items of stationery. Appointment cards do not appear to be in line with the examples of patient support items given in the supplementary information to Clause 18.2. However, it might be possible to provide an appointment card as part of a formal patient support programme where, to complete a treatment course, the patient will need more than one visit. This is more likely to be acceptable if other patient support materials are provided.