Clause 3


(3.1) A medicine must not be promoted prior to the grant of the marketing authorisation which permits its sale or supply.


(26.1) Prescription only medicines must not be advertised to the public. This prohibition does not apply to vaccination and other campaigns carried out by companies and approved by the health ministers.


(29) When an undertaking has been given in relation to a ruling under the Code, the company concerned must ensure that it complies with that undertaking.


(1.11) Companies must comply with all applicable codes, laws and regulations to which they are subject.

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Please check the date of the Code that applies to the Case that you are looking at. The date of the complaint may vary from the activity/material alleged to have been in breach.


Gifts for personal benefit (such as sporting or entertainment tickets, social courtesy gifts) are prohibited and must not be given, either directly or indirectly, to any individual health professional, other relevant decision maker or individual associated with a healthcare organisation or patient organisation.

Providing or offering cash, cash equivalents or the provision of services that confer a personal benefit to the recipient is prohibited.


(12.1) Materials and activities must not be disguised promotion.


(1.12) Each company must appoint a senior employee to be responsible for ensuring that the company meets the requirements of the Code.