6 Complaints Arising from Media Criticism


6.1 When it appears to the Director from media reports (other than letters to the editor of a publication) that a company may have breached the Code, the matter is treated as a complaint.

The author of the article, or the editor where no author is named, is treated as the complainant.

The author, or editor, is asked if they want to be involved in the case and whether they have any additional information to submit. The consequences of not being involved (no right of appeal and no right to comment on a respondent’s appeal or the proposed text of the case report) must be explained in writing. If the author or editor declines involvement, this is stated in the case report.

6.2 A published letter from which it appears that a company may have breached the Code is dealt with as a complaint with the author being treated as the complainant. The procedure set out in Paragraph 6.1 above will be followed.