AUTH/3709/11/22 - Health professional v AstraZeneca

Promotion of Trixeo

  • Received
    16 November 2022
  • Case number
  • Applicable Code year
  • Completed
    20 October 2023
  • No breach Clause(s)
  • Breach Clause(s)
  • Sanctions applied
    Undertaking received
  • Additional sanctions
  • Appeal
    No appeal

Case Summary

This case was in relation to an advertisement published in Pulse magazine which promoted Trixeo.

The Panel ruled a breach of the following Clauses of the 2021 Code for creating a misleading implication in relation to Trixeo and mortality data that was not capable of substantiation, was not presented objectively and failed to maintain high standards.

Breach of Clause 5.1

Failing to maintain high standards

Breach of Clause 6.1

Making a misleading claim

Breach of Clause 6.2

Making an unsubstantiated claim

Breach of Clause 14.4

Not encouraging the rational use of the medicine

The Panel ruled no breach of the following Clause of the 2021 Code on the basis that the advertisement did not imply that Trixeo could prevent deaths.

No Breach of Clause 11.2

Requirement not to promote a medicine for an unlicensed indication

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