AUTH/3306/2/20 - Complainant v Napp

Use of the word ‘new’

  • Received
    06 February 2020
  • Case number
  • Applicable Code year
  • Completed
    09 April 2020
  • Breach Clause(s)
  • Sanctions applied
    Undertaking received
  • Additional sanctions
  • Appeal
    No appeal
  • Review
    To be published in the review

Case Summary

A complainant who described him/herself as a concerned UK health professional, complained that on a webpage (downloaded 6 February 2020), Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited described Nyxoid (intranasal naloxone spray) as ‘a new option’ for treating overdose. The complainant noted that Nyxoid had been on the market for more than 12 months.

The detailed response from Napp is given below.

The Panel noted that the word ‘new’ must not be used to describe any product or presentation which had been generally available for more than twelve months in the UK.

The Panel noted that, as acknowledged by Napp, Nyxoid was described on the website as ‘a new option’ on 6 February 2020 despite the medicine having been available for more than 12 months and a breach of the Code was ruled.