Advert - Teva – Case AUTH/3451/1/21

For failing to include an adverse event reporting statement within the content of promotional webpages themselves in relation to five respiratory products, failing to include such a statement anywhere in the materials for Tymbrineb (tobramycin) and Qvar (beclometasone dipropionate) and for only including the relevant statement within the prescribing information for Cinqaero (reslizumab) when it was subject to additional monitoring, Teva was ruled in breach of the following clauses of the 2019 Code:

Clause 2 - Bringing discredit upon, and reducing confidence in, the pharmaceutical industry
Clause 3.2 - Promoting a medicine for an unlicensed indication
Clause 4.1 - Failing to include prescribing information
Clause 4.6 - Failing to include a clear, prominent statement as to where
prescribing information could be found
Clause 4.9 - Failing to include information about how to report adverse events
Clause 9.1 - Failing to maintain high standards
Clause 28.1 - Failing to clearly separate sections for each target audience on a
website and identifying the intended audience at the outset