Meet the team

Alex Fell Natalie Whittle  

Alex Fell
Director of the PMCPA and a member of the Panel

Natalie Whittle
Acting Deputy Director at the PMCPA and a member of the Panel

Alex has held ethics and compliance leadership roles in the UK, USA, and Singapore for a large global pharmaceutical company as well as an International ethics and compliance leadership role in a small biotechnology company.  Alex started in the pharmaceutical industry in a Global Internal Audit role with a specific focus on Code compliance.

Alex joined the PMCPA in 2022.



She has a degree in Medicine and previously worked in the pharmaceutical industry in Medical Information and Medical Compliance roles.

Natalie joined the PMCPA in September 2018. 





Keval Dabba Maleeha Sultan  
Keval Dabba
Associate Director at the PMCPA and a member of the Panel
Maleeha Sultan
Manager at the PMCPA and a member of the Panel

He is a registered pharmacist in the UK and has worked in community pharmacy, the NHS and in the pharmaceutical industry including being a final signatory, providing expert advice and training on the Code. His recent role at a pharmaceutical company involved leading the compliance and medical function.

Keval joined the PMCPA in June 2021.

She is a UK-registered pharmacist and has worked in the NHS, community pharmacy, and in the pharmaceutical industry. Her previous roles included Medical Affairs, Advertising & Promotion and Medical Governance. Her recent role involved the management of promotional review services and implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol. 

Maleeha joined the PMCPA in August 2022.





Helen Darracott  

Helen Darracott
Manager at the PMCPA and a member of the Panel

Emily Boys
Manager at the PMCPA and a member of the Panel


She is a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society with degrees in pharmacy and law.  Helen has worked in regulatory, policy, legal, compliance and ethics roles for health professional regulatory bodies, industry representative organisations and pharmaceutical companies.

Helen joined PMCPA in February 2023.





She has a broad range of experience in science/data communication and a PhD in Genetics/Plant Pathology. She was previously Head of Project Delivery at an independent medical publisher, working in partnership with pharmaceutical companies to deliver a range of projects. As head of department, her role involved ensuring high editorial standards and compliance with the Code, and she provided Code training to new staff.

Emily joined the PMCPA in November 2023.




Peter Clift



Peter Clift
Operations and Governance Manager at the PMCPA



He is responsible for the administration of the Code of Practice Appeal Board, the PMCPA’s data privacy programme and for the development of the PMCPA website and digital communications.

He was previously a biomedical scientist. He has a masters degree in biology and post graduate legal qualifications.

Peter joined the PMCPA in May 2002



Nora Alexander Lisa Matthews  

Nora Alexander
PA to the Director

Lisa Matthews
Senior Case Coordinator 


She previously worked for the NHS and is the contact for the PMCPA seminars.

Nora joined the PMCPA in 2007.

Her responsibilities include performing a key role in the intake and assessment of complaints, in addition to supporting key department projects such as the new case management system.

Lisa joined the PMCPA in 1999