PMCPA Annual Report


Press Release 01 August 2023

We have published our annual report for 2021. This report covers cases received in the 2021 calendar year and the outcome of those cases, the majority of which were assessed by the Panel in 2022. 

The Code of Practice Panel, which considers every case, is mindful of the need to deal with matters as quickly as possible. However, the matters are often complex and the Panel must take the time to ensure that each case is considered carefully with due diligence and rigour, bearing in mind the PMCPA’s responsibility to the public. Each allegation must be considered and most complaints included multiple allegations; the complaints received in 2021 required the consideration of 910 matters.  

The 2021 report is Heather Simmond’s last report as the Director of the PMCPA.  We thank Heather for all that she achieved during her tenure at the PMCPA and wish her all the best.

The PMCPA are evaluating changes to the reporting cycle and the way data is presented to improve the timeliness of reporting while ensuring comparisons to prior years can be made.