Astellas Pharma named in advertisements for breaches of the ABPI Code

Press Release 01 July 2010

Astellas Pharma Ltd has breached the ABPI Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry. To highlight these breaches, Astellas is the subject of advertisements(1) in the medical, pharmaceutical and nursing press.

Anonymous Clinician v Astellas Case: AUTH/2290/12/09 

For paying health professionals to attend a series of advisory boards which were at least in part disguised promotion, and thus in effect giving what amounted to an inducement to prescribe, administer or recommend a medicine, Astellas was ruled in breach of the following clauses of the Code:

Clause 2 -      Bringing discredit upon and reducing confidence in the pharmaceutical industry.
Clause 9.1 -   Failing to maintain high standards.
Clause 12.1 - Organising an activity which was in part disguised promotion.
Clause 18.1 - Paying a fee to attend a promotional event which was, in effect, an inducement to prescribe, administer or recommend a medicine.
Clause 20 -    Failing to comply with the requirements relating to consultants.

Under provisions in its Constitution and Procedure, the Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA) advertises brief details of all cases where companies are ruled in breach of Clause 2 of the Code, are required to issue a corrective statement or are the subject of a public reprimand.


Notes to Editors:

(1) The advertisements will appear in the BMJ and The Pharmaceutical Journal on 3 July 2010 and in The Nursing Standard on 7 July 2010.

The full case report was published in the PMCPA May Code of Practice Review

For more information contact: 0207 7478884