1 Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority


1.1 The Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (the ‘Authority’) is responsible for the administration of the Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry (the ‘Code’) including the provision of advice, guidance and training on the Code. It is also responsible for arranging for conciliation between companies when requested to do so and for arranging for the scrutiny of advertising and meetings on a regular basis.

1.2 The Authority also administers the complaints procedure by which complaints made under the Code are considered by the Code of Practice Panel (the ‘Panel’) and, where required, by the Code of Practice Appeal Board (the ‘Appeal Board’).

1.3 The Authority is appointed by and reports to the Board of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) (the ‘ABPI Board’) and consists of the Director, Deputy Director and two Managers. 

Notwithstanding the above, the Director reports to the Appeal Board for guidance on the interpretation of the Code and the operation of the complaints procedure and to the President of the ABPI (or, at the President’s discretion, the Vice President of the ABPI) for administrative purposes.

In the absence of the Director, the Deputy Director is authorized to act on his/her behalf. In the absence of the Director and Deputy Director, one of the Managers is authorized to act on the Director’s behalf.

1.4 To facilitate the complaints procedure by ensuring that the requisite information is available, the Director may request copies of any relevant material from a pharmaceutical company, including copies of the certificates authorizing any such material and copies of relevant briefing material for representatives.

1.5 The Director may consult the Appeal Board upon any matter concerning the Code or its administration.